Weight Loss


So, I figured I would use today’s post to introduce myself properly.  Reading over the last post I realised that although I gave some information about me, I didn’t introduce myself. One, because it honestly didn’t occur to me, being totally sleep deprived and Two, blogging from my tablet is a nightmare, and I won’t be doing it again. Wow, the mobile keyboard is annoying for trying to type out posts.  I’ll stick to my laptop for blogging.   I need my qwerty keyboard.

So, introductions.  My name is Alison, I live in Scotland and I’m 37. And for as long as I can remember, I’ve thought I was fat. I remember deciding I wanted to lose weight when I was about ten. Which isn’t healthy, but my best friend was tiny and skinny, and I constantly compared myself to her. Looking back, especially at my teenage years makes me want to pull my hair out. Yes, I was curvy and maybe a stone (14lbs/6.5kg) overweight. I looked amazing and I thought I was fat because I was surrounded by people who, to me, were slimmer and prettier than me. That’s an issue I’ve dealt with my entire life and to be perfectly honest its still something I struggle with today.

But, weirdly enough, not when it comes to going to Slimming World. I don’t compare myself to everyone else in class because everyone’s journey is unique. Some only have a stone to lose, some have a lot more. I’m more on the ‘a lot more’ end of the scale but that’s okay. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I want to be at target, whatever that might be. At the moment, I have no main target, I’m just taking it seven pounds at a time.

I joined weight watchers for the first time when I was fourteen, against the wishes of my mum, but with my GP’s permission. I was too young, and it was a bad idea but trying telling any teenager who is convinced that they’re right what they’re doing is a mistake. So, after a few weeks I gave up. And over the next few years I put on a lot of weight. And I’ve spent the last twenty years trying to take it off again, with varying degrees of success.

As I said in my first post, my health issues have been my biggest struggle when it came to losing weight. Particularly my mental health because when my depression is bad, I am a comfort eater and all I want is junk. Doughnuts, crisps, chocolate, you name it, I’ll eat it. But since I’ve been on my latest anti depressants, that hasn’t been an issue. Also, with being dairy free, the amount of cakes I’m willing to eat has dropped. 90% of the dairy free cakes I’ve found have been less than tasty.

Slimming World is going great guns, I got weighed this morning and I’ve lost another 2 pounds. So I got my shiny sticker for my book, and my first half stone certificate. I am so happy with losing half a stone in two weeks. Its got me off to a great start and I feel confident about going on. I made the decision to pay for a 12 week block, which means, if I’ve paid for it, I’m going. I have no intention of giving up, this is the best I’ve felt in a long while. The next thing to do is take measurements and photos, so I can track my progress.

I set a target for losing 3 pounds this week, which feels like something I can achieve. So my aims for the week ahead are:

  • eat more fruit and veg (aka speed food)
  • drink more fluid, aim for 6 glasses a day
  • walk at least 30 mins three times this week.

All little goals, all achievable. All going to be done.

Weight Loss

The Journey Begins

Here I am, two weeks into 2019 and almost 2 weeks into my lifestyle change.  Sounds fancier than saying trying to lose weight, but at the heart of it, that’s what I’m doing. I joined Slimming World at the start of Jan, so I’ve had one weigh in, where I lost 5lbs and I get weighed again thursday morning.  So far, this is the most positive I’ve felt because this is the easiest by far I’ve found a weight loss plan. No weighing or measuring (or, more accurately, minimal weighing and measuring), no points, no calorie counting, no disgusting shakes.  Just eating lovely food, and enjoying myself.

I’m not going to go into the plan too much because in this post, that’s not what I want to focus on.   Losing weight is one of the aims for this year, the other is to get fit and healthy.  My health at the minute isn’t brilliant,  but it could be a lot worse.  I’m waiting on an operation to remove my gallbladder and because of that, i have some dietary restrictions. No dairy, eggs or fatty meats or anything overly greasy, unless i want to spend the next few days in a lot of pain.  I also have an underactive thyroid and poly cystic ovarian syndrome, both of which make losing weight extra challenging.

The biggest struggle in my life is my mental health, which needs a seperate post to explain everything.  Right now everything is good. I’m on meds and feeling good, after a rocky year of changing my meds, and feeling overall pretty crappy.

My focus is on the future, and getting my life in order.  Pessimistic me wants to roll my eyes but if I truly am starting this year new, then I need to believe on myself.  Again, another thing on the list to work at this year, but its not going to change over night, it takes time and hard work.  And that, I can do.