My Journey To a New Me

What does it take to change a life? I'm going to find out.

So, it’s been almost a year since I posted here. Covid. What can I say? I totally ignored my healthy eating/exercise plan and had to focus on my mental health which hid the skids on three separate occasions.

I decided on new years eve, (side note, I was convinced it was still the 28th. I got caught in post Christmas no mans land, I had do idea what day it was.) that I was sick of being in pain and out breath when I walked any distance. So, I decided, for me to get back on track and focus on my health.

So, I decided to start back with weight watchers. I hadn’t weighed in in over 6 months and had put on about 21 pounds, a stone and a half and was eight pounds over my first joining weight. But it could have been so much worse, so I’ll take it!!

So, one week in, with healthy eating and a little bit of exercise, I’ve lost 6 and a half pounds!! I am over the moon, everything was so straightforward and simple and works. So, I’m feeling motivated to keep going.

One of the pictures from my cold, but beautiful walk earlier in the week.

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